IT Statement Preparer for Financial Year 2015-16

 In Pay Data Sheet

1. GPF  Contributors has to Select "GPF" instead of "CPS" in M3 Cell.

2. If u want to add CPS  credit by Government in your income select "Yes" instead of "No" in G2 Cell.


CPS Contribution within 1.5laks saving limit                                     Download


CPS Contribution above 1.5laks saving limit 80CCD1(b)               Download


Version 1.10
Last Update on 10.2.16

1.  PFRDA & NPS Page
2.  State CPS 

Orders for 80CCD1(b) Deduction
3.  Income Tax Act Section 80CCD 
4.  IT Circular No.19 - 2015
Version 1.10
    Tax relief under section 89 (1) is added for those who receive arrears of previous years pay.

 Version 1.9
    In Pay Drawn Particulars  Printout surrender pay is corrected. Previously it does not include Grade Pay.
Version 1.8
    Miscalculation in 10% Pay+ DA in IT Calculation Statement is corrected. Previously it include pongal bonus also.

Version 1.7
     No major change. Adding CPS Employers Contribution is necessary according to this RTI Information.. Tax will not change even if you show CPS Employers Contribution.
     Thanks to Mr. Samuvel Raj, Agricultural Inspector, Valanadu for information.

Version 1.6
       Change made in deduction  80CCD & new section 80CCD(2) added.
       Changes made in deduction Section 80D,80DD, 80U only

      . Based on IT Circular No.19 - 2015.

       Thanks to Dr. Vidhyasagar, Veterinary Assistant Surgeon, Namakkal for information.


  1. Great effort Sir! Hatsoff!

  2. Sir, Still "CPS-Yes" Option is not Enabled properly to Auto calculate the 10% of Pay+GP.

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  4. To fill CPS column (10% of Pay =GP)
    Select CPS instead GPF in the cell L3

  5. Thanks a lot for your smart work sir